Many are the challenges we go through almost on a daily basis. This is true whether you’re a leader or not (though, to me, everyone is a leader: especially beginning with Self-Leadership). But there’s one thing we forget almost in all of those situations. We often forget to remember that in all, Happiness is a matter of CHOICE not chance.

A friend of mine once told me that things turn out best for those who make the best of the way things turn out! Failure and success – or losing and winning – are all affected by our attitudes. In fact, The Good Book says that as a man thinketh, so he is!

Today, realize that in every crisis, there’s an opportunity. But do we have the patience to give it a second thought so we can see the opportunity therein?

Many have found gold in the garbage while many others have been able to spot some garbage in a heap of pure gold. Now that it is up to you either to see rain as a source of mud or a clearer of dust, which direction shall you take? To say the glass is half full or half empty?

This is what will make the difference in your whole life! This is what differentiates difference-making leaders from indifferent leaders! Think right. View things from the right angle. Fish out the positive, even when the negative seem to flood your life like a tsunami.

Whenever a challenge comes your way, remember: It is a matter of choice. You can take it as a crisis and run away from it, or as an opportunity and utilize it for further growth and advancement.


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  1. this is a very powerful story to learn from, but still what challenges me is a situation which you can’t handle by your self and you need God to intervene. For example u have no Job yet but u have the world full ideas to make u succeed meaning less or no money at all to inject in all my deals so how can u advise me on how to kick off


    1. Hello Bright, Thank you for your concern. I can inwardly imagine what your situation might be. To begin with, it is wisdom that makes a man realize that there are some things in which only God can help him out. Recognition of divine supremacy takes one a stage above many in the crowd. God is indeed the Ever-present Help in times of Need. Secondly, ideas are like a baby crying in a church. They must be taken out immediately! And one way of taking the ideas out is having them written down. The world of ideas – as you call them – need to be in black and white if they are to be considered solid. Otherwise, you may either forget them or fail to take them serious, thus slowing down the pursuit for their achievement. In addition, sit and plan as if you had the money. Make a plan of action in relation to what you’d like to do. It is better to prepare and fail to get an opportunity than an opportunity to come your way and find you very unprepared! More to this, network with other like-minded people for synergy, mutual advice, and learning. It is even wiser to humble yourself and approach those who have somehow attained what you want to attain, and seek their counsel. Meanwhile, don’t fear to think the more! Keep thinking – especially beyond the obvious, creatively. Ideas do not kill however many they may be! Keep accumulating them, but also look for ways to bring them to fruition. Also, get down to reading much material in line with your ideas and dreams, and get informed. Information / knowledge is indeed power. You won’t excel in your idea-implementation if you do not have enough knowledge about how to advance. Keep your hope alive as you press onwards. Most times, we hunger for money to do what we want to do, (which is okay) but I always think we can do much more (in the preparation phase) before the money avails itself! One thing is clear, Bright: WHERE THERE’S A WILL, THERE’S A WAY. Your crisis moments can be the greatest opportunities of a lifetime, if you have the WILL to go through them with hope, enthusiasm, and positive thinking. For now, BEGIN with what you have, from wherever you are! Momentum is gained whenever we start to walk. There’s something – however small – that you can now do with or without money! Fish that out, and go forward without fear. The Lord will take you through if you have the humility to let Him do so! Blessings and best wishes!


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