The Signpost Leaders:

The way I see things today, it seems to me that time is up for “sign-post leaders” who only point to where others should go without going there themselves. You know, a signpost may indicate the way to “Kyamakanda Secondary School” when it has never reached there. They just brought it from the artist and placed it there at the road junction but it does not know what this school looks like. Therefore, let me ask you:

  • To where have you been pointing those you lead? Have you been there yourself?
  • What have you told those you lead to do? Have you done it yourself?
  • How have you directed your employees to behave? Can they learn it from you by merely looking at your life?
  • What have you put in place as the ground rules or rules of procedure in your organization? Do you follow them yourself?
  • What do you tell others to do and what excuses do you give to exempt yourself from doing the same?

For the Inspectorate of Government, Moroto Regional Office, Karamoja region – Uganda.

While in High School, we used to sing a chorus which really brings out this whole point. It says:

They are watching you, Marking all you do,

Hearing the things that you say.

Let them see the Savior as He shines in you;

Let His power control you every day.

You see? They are watching. What you do is what they will do. They are marking all that you do. That’s what they may end up doing too. Remember you are leading – in front, showing the direction, setting the pace, giving an example of what they should do and how they should live. They are actually hearing the things that you say, and they will judge from what you will later do to prove whether you really meant whatever you simply said. In a world that attaches great importance to privacy, this is very scaring and skin-ripping! One needs to know how to survive the probable catastrophes of this scenario. The solution is: let them see virtue at its best. Let them see godliness permeating through your lifestyle. Let them see you do what you say – 366 days of every year of your life!


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