Your Independence Book Praised!

Some things do not just happen! This is especially addressed to my Ugandan friends:

I am thinking that indeed this is a confirmation that this book ( is the perfect Leadership book for everyone in this year going forward. To begin with, Uganda ranked 50th on the London Olympics list in this 50th Independence Anniversary where Uganda’s Kipsiro won a Gold Medal on the last Day. That was prophetic. Now today, on the 50th Independence anniversary Day, Eng. George Ogwang Awany ( becomes the 50th person to like this book’s page and what’s the time? – “50 minutes to 4” (3:10pm). Get your copy quickly. This is the book for this season! Don’t miss your season because seasons come and seasons go!

A number of people have given their remarks and reviews about this book. Below are just three of them:

‘One of Africa’s greatest problems is her failure to have good leaders. In Leadership worth the Name, Samuel A. Bakutana has ably brought out issues that resonate strongly with good leadership. His style of writing is frank and strong in its description of what a good leader should be. The uniqueness of the style is also the book’s reference to the Bible from which Mr. Bakutana draws strong moral undertones. Besides, he also makes a fundamental point that every leader must be cognizant of factors that make leaders good leaders who impact on their people positively.  A nation will rise or fall or be strong or weak depending on its ability or inability to have good leaders. Although he does not directly address the different dimensions of leadership as identified above, one reads about them in the book indirectly. The reader is left in no doubt that this book has made the subject of leadership better appreciated. This contribution makes the book lively and worthy to read.’

– Dr. Nsaba Buturo, PhD, M.Soc.Sci., Dip.Soc.Sci., B.A.; Former Minister of Ethics and Integrity, Republic of Uganda; now Executive Director, Institute of Development Studies – Uganda

‘This is a superb book every leader should read. From the time you open the first page, it is “undownputtable” until you turn the last page.’

Dr. Robert K. Rutaagi; Retired Public Sector Management Specialist; now Management Consultant, University Lecturer, Freelance Journalist, Author and Marketplace Evangelist.

‘This is another instructive piece of writing from the pen of one of the emerging authorities on the critical subject of leadership. We are privileged to interact with that budding potential regularly and I’m sure that through this book, you’ll also share with us that same privilege in nearly equal measure.’

– Mr. Mawa Michael; Founder/Team Leader, Strategic Leadership Forum; Founder/Executive Director, Love Unconditional

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