Sorry, It’s Your Work

Responsibility – a rarely talked about word today. Being responsible – the most dreaded thing by many a person, yet the key to what they dream to do in life.


A young man went for an interview for a new job. Asked whether he was a responsible citizen worth hiring in that place, he replied, “If you’re looking for a responsible employee, then look no further. I am the one, because at my previous job, when anything went wrong, they would say that I am the one RESPONSIBLE. So, I am the responsible guy you need!”

This is not the kind of responsibility I am talking about here. It always beats my understanding when I meet people who strongly feel that someone from somewhere is going to come at some point and give them something to meet some need! They are all eyes open, looking out for who has their next free miracle – financial, professional, career, business, etc. Their most used tool is a bag full of excuses.

excusesIt is important for you to come to terms with yourself on this issue. You are responsible for your own growth and development. You are responsible for your failures and successes. You are responsible for your progress and retrogression. You are responsible. Whatever it is that you want to see happening in your life, you are the Chief Executive Officer to lead the way of its pursuit and the Chief Operations Officer to make sure that practical steps are taken to achieve your dreams.

be proactiveIt is never a good thing to live in a beggarly posture. It is true that no one develops without the hand of another. However, no one develops on someone else’s hand alone. In fact, your neighbors hand cannot scratch your itching back at night! You have to take responsibility for your progress. Be in charge of your development. Don’t expect others to do work for you.

cupWhat is it that you have put off hoping that someone else will do it for you? Put off your white dress, fold your sleeves, get your hands on the plough and set the ball going. Make your hands dirty with hard work. Go for what you want in life.

ifAnd remember, you can be whatever you want to be as long as you take responsibility for your progress, work hard, learn continuously, read more about what you want to do, apply your acquired knowledge, and have fear of God. But, as you can see, it begins with the fear of God and the acceptance to take responsibility. It’s your work; Go do it!

Fear of the Lord


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  1. ok,well said ,by God’s grace l will take my responsirity


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