Leaders are Readers and…

Leaders are readers and readers end up becoming leaders! No shortcut.

So as I say: Happy New Year 2013, I am compelled to share with you my reading list of 2012. These are SOME of the books I read last year (2012) which really inspired, entertained, informed and fascinated me:
1 – Stephen Adei’s “Called To Lead: Be the Leader Your Family Needs.”
2 – John C. Maxwell’s “The 17 Indisputable Laws of Teamwork”
3 – Sunday Adelaja’s “Church Shift” and the “Church Shift Guide”
4 – Rick Warren’s “The Purpose Driven Life”
5 – Peter Kasenene’s “How To Prosper With Integrity”
6 – John L. Mason’s “An Enemy Called Average”
7 – Stuart Lindsell’s “Relationships – Jesus Style”
8 – Anne Coomes’ “The Authorized Biography of Festo Kivengere”
9 – Praise George’s “Start with What you Have from Where you are”
10 – David Maranz’s “African Friends and Money Matters”
11 – John C. Maxwell’s “The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership”
12 – John Adair’s “How to Grow Leaders”
13 – John Bird’s “The 10 Keys to Success”
14 – James Emery White’s “Rethinking the Church”
15 – Stormie Omartian’s “The Power of a Praying Husband”
16 – John C. Maxwell’s “Teamwork Makes the Dream Work”
17 – Praise George’s “Mastering Money”
18 – Joachim Buwembo’s “The Ugandan Paradox”
19 – God’s “The Holy Bible” – the New Testament
20 – Donald Trump’s “Trump: Think like a Billionaire.”
21 – Edwin Cole’s “Maximized Manhood”
22 – Clason’s “The Richest Man in Babylon”

I also took time to read through 2 of my very own books!
1 – Samuel A. Bakutana’s “Christian Professionalism: The Key to Society Transformation”
2 – Samuel A. Bakutana’s “Leadership worth the Name: The 7 Deadly Statements Every Leader Should Avoid”

What about YOU?

Did you read any empowering literature for your own development?



4 responses

  1. I am extravagantly blessed by this piece. Keep it up brother Sam.


    1. Thanks, Martin. You are great! Thanks for visiting my blog. See you back soon! This is your personal development blog.


  2. l have read Leadership worth the name, Organic leadership, think big, Fresh apple for singles, Visions of Grandeur, eeee , l still have along way to go. the most changing ones are, leadership worth the name, and think big. oh my God its as if l was seeing myself in the mirror while reading those two books cause most of things they wrote about, l saw myself there but l bless the lord for they tought me to think differently and change the way l do things. BUT L BLESS THE LORD FOR YOU PAPA CAUSE READING WAS NOT PART OF BUT SLOWLY YOU HAVE IMPACTED THAT IN ME AND IT HAS TAKEN ME ON ANOTHER STEP.


    1. It is always a joy to know that you are making an impact in people’s lives. Sylvia, you are one of those wonderful people who deserve the best. I am excited that your reading life has improved. Keep moving – – – and moving forward. Blessings, my lovely daughter!!!


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