Attitude, not Aptitude, determines your Altitude.

What if I said, “Attitude is everything,” would you agree? Your answer would also depend on your attitude…!

It has increasingly become easier for me to decide whether to have someone as my good friend or just a casual once-in-a-while acquaintance or neither of the two… in the first 3 minutes of our meeting.


Because you CANNOT hide your attitude to life in general and even to specific things in life. And because I treasure my mind and want it not to be contaminated by chronic negativity, I am cautious who keeps in my life and who doesn’t. It is therefore important for us to have and keep a positive attitude.

Why is it important to keep positive?

  1. It brings strength, energy and initiative.
  2. It brings confidence and happiness.
  3. It makes you produce positive results.
  4. It yields stamina and control over oneself.
  5. It is a magnet for positive people.
  6. It is a breeding ground for miracles!

This means that everything and everyone who wants to pierce your balloon of attitude should be dealt with – expeditiously, as soon as possible. I call them the attitude bursters.

Beware of Attitude Bursters!

  1. What you read: Written materials influence your thought system and opinion formation. Get to the bible and other material relevant to your personal development
  2. What you hear: These inform your perspective to different important things of life.
  3. The TV programs: These influence the lifestyle you live.
  4. The people in your life: These determine your character in many ways. If you walk with 9 fools, you will become the tenth. The right friend will say, “Go for it and get it;” but the losing discourager will say, “I’ll tell you why that won’t work for you and how you’ll be humiliated if you bother to try”

Spend more time with the people who leave you inspired, not those who leave you feeling expired.

It is your ATTITUDE, not your APTITUDE, that determines your ALTITUDE. The better your attitude, the higher your altitude.

To your success!


2 responses

  1. Spot on with this write-up, I truly believe this site needs a great deal more attention.

    I’ll probably be back again to see more, thanks for the advice!


    1. Thank you, Calvin, for your remarks. Thanks. I will be glad to see you back and hear from you! I also believe that you can help me to let this site get a “great deal more attention.” To your Success.


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