Brain is Better than Bread.

I will put TRUTH – the whole truth – nothing but the truth – very simply and in one sentence:

Stop Begging God for Bread and Butter, But Rather Beseech Him for a Better Brain!”

Brain is better than Bread.

Don’t ask for money, creativethinkingbut a money-making brain.

Brain is better than Bread.

Don’t ask for food but a brain that knows where food is got and how one can have it.

Brain is better than Bread.Stop asking the government for goats to rear but an entrepreneurial brain.

Brain is better than Bread.

When will you stop asking for fish, and not a brain that knows how to fish?

Friend, Brain is better than Bread.


12 responses

  1. That’s a very unique way of looking at it… Thanks for sharing! πŸ™‚


    1. Thanks for the remarks. Uniqueness is the food of the influential. Take that route and together we meet at the top. Wishing you the best.


      1. Thanks I wish you the best as well!


  2. Just an FYI I came back and re-read this… I LOVE how you wrote this article πŸ™‚ Brain is better than bread!


    1. Thank you, Rapper, for your comment. I am glad you visited this blog. Come again soon. See you soonest. Blessings and peace!


  3. David Julius Oketch | Reply

    Amazing. I love this generation for their creativity. Thanks Sam. May the sky be the launch pad. GBU


    1. Thanks, Julius, for passing by! Great to hear you say that important word: CREATIVITY. That – exactly that – is what we need to have so as to “beat the market” in each and everything we do. I am glad you found time to be here. Glad, in advance, to see you back!


  4. Tumwesigye Benard | Reply

    Sam I love what you shared with the world via this social media, Am inspired, so I will not exopire


    1. Oh, thanks Ben. All of us should aspire to inspire before we expire. Thanks again. Kindly refer many others to the site for their personal development. Together we can.


  5. Nicholas Katushabe | Reply

    WOW!!, I have always loved your articles and motivational talks but believe me this article acts as an alarm clock to those brains a sleep


    1. …and therefore, may those brains be awakened to start making things happen again. Nicholas, I am glad you found time to check the blog. See you back soon. I am about to add another inspirational bite! Blessings.


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