It is always important that we invest in ourselves. If you do not invest something into your life, do not expect to harvest anything out of your life. That is how it works.

 Most people do not care what they invest in themselves – if at all they do. Surprisingly, they expect their lives to be very productive and fruitful. They expect to have great knowledge, amazing wisdom, wonderful understanding, fat bank balance, rapid promotions at the workplace, great health and body fitness, healthy interpersonal relationships, lovely families, exponential business opportunities and strong networks that matter, among others. Only a few people go on to really work towards the achievement of such. Many others are busy waiting for miracles to happen.


All of us need to come to a place where we start to invest in our lives so as to make it work. No one can grow anything above their level of personal growth. If it is a business, one cannot grow it above their level of personal growth. It may be helpful if you stopped lamenting as if you are the most unlucky person on earth. Remember that you have the ability to do everything you’ve always dreamed about. In fact, you can achieve more than you have ever dreamed about.

To do that, start today to buy and read relevant and empowering books. Attend inspiring and relevant seminars. Go for short courses on areas in which you would like to grow. Be part of strategic social functions and network with many relevant people who add value to your life. Watch a personal development DVD or an empowering TV program. Listen to an educative audio file. Sit at the feet of those who want to be where you want to be and humbly learn from them. Listen to empowering speakers who can shake you off your comfortable seat into the world of action.

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All this is to enable you swing into action and start to labour with results. It is not about activity, but about productivity. Invest in yourself. Invest in yourself always. Invest in yourself enthusiastically. What you sow is what you reap. If you do not plant, you do not harvest. Please, get off the road of indifference and self pity, and start to invest in yourself. As time goes on, your efforts shall pay.


3 responses

  1. Tumwesigye Benard | Reply

    This is powerful! we need to make a deliberate move to invest in our selves. I am beginning without looking behind


    1. Thank you, Benard, for your comment and your decision to start doing something substantial as far as investing in yourself is concerned. Boost your capacity to invest in others by first investing in yourself.



        You inspire me brother Sam!


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