A Dependable Leader


UCU-Lucky Ninsiima Below, gratefully, is an amazing piece that was recently written by Ninsiima Lucky, a recent graduate of Uganda Christian University Mukono, after she had attended an evening seminar where I addressed the Leadership Mentoring Fellowship (LMF) on the topic, “Leadership that Makes a Difference.”

“I am able, skilled, A doer, and whatever I do, I do it well. I initiate change and the things I do, I do them right. In this mess that we are in, You can depend on me!  When I communicate, it is clarified. To action, you arise. It’s not what I say but how I say it. Amidst the noise we are in, surely, you can depend on me!  And hey, I need you ‘coz my play only flows when we play it together. I build you and together we grow. I am a team player. I am a team builder. You truly will follow me ‘coz I am dependable!  You are my identity: without you, ‘am a nobody. My success is you succeeding. When you are empowered, ‘am stronger. My legacy is expanded when you are built. Indeed, you are my greatest asset. With you ‘am rich. With you ‘am worth a name. With you I am a leader!  You can depend on me‘Coz am a leader, not just by name but my actions say it all. Depend on me, as I depend on the greatest leader -JESUS!”


3 responses

  1. So humbled to feature on your blog Sam!
    Thanks for empowering me!


    1. You can do much more than you’re already doing. Just remember to seriously work on the three issues we handled: competence, connection, and character. Wishing you the best.


      1. It’s a sure deal


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