Motivational Leadership

I want to agree with every like-minded person that today’s leadership is about motivating and inspiring teams to actualize themselves and make a difference through maximizing their synergistic potential.


Left to right: Mr. Naveen Sukumaran, Mr. Samuel A. Bakutana, and Mr. Jose Amala – after Samuel had inspired and motivated the sales leaders (read “medical representatives”) of Micro Labs Ltd at Imperial Royale Hotel, Kampala. Leaders in this century have a task to be more motivational than directive, to be Managing, not Damaging Directors – through inspirational guidance of their teams.

Today, I share with you an array of abut 30 blogs on inspirational leadership. You can follow them here: and be empowered, motivated and inspired beyond measure.

There is much hidden in you that should not be allowed to rest, sleep or die. Dig deep within you and find yourself. May God guide you too as you embark on that hilarious journey of self discovery, personal development and people empowerment.

Remember not to be selfish in all this!

Click here and enjoy:

To your success!

Live. Love. Lead.


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