What Will Your Life Add Up To?

Today, I learnt with great shock the tragic death of the globally acclaimed author, motivational speaker, evangelist and government consultant Dr. Myles Munroe in a plane crash as he was about to land for the Global Leadership Forum in Bahamas. This is a man who has touched millions of lives through his TV programs, more than 100 books, many audio and audio-visual materials, conferences, etc. He is not dead; he has just slept. We will always “talk” with him.

Fare Thee Well The Bright Sun That Has Set - A Tribute to Munroe - Samuel A. Bakutana

As I thought about it, I remembered something I have always shared concerning the three categories of people:

1 – Those who are remembered for great things – the likes of Munroe

2 – Those who are remembered for the bad things they did – the likes of Hitler

3 – Those who are not remembered at all – the like of … (I cannot even remember him/her!)

As we remember and celebrate Munroe’s fruitful life, let us ask ourselves that multimillion dollar question: What will my life add up to? What will I be remembered for at the end of my life? Looking at some of the nuggest of wisdom that came out of his mouth (such as these ones here: https://www.goodreads.com/author/quotes/88114.Myles_Munroe), you realize the urgency of the call. The time to get an answer is NOW!

To your success,

“Inspiring transformational, exemplary and authentic leadership worldwide.”

Samuel A. Bakutana is Africa’s foremost leadership, Business and Education Consultant,  Motivational Key-note Speaker and Personal Development Author of 7 published books. He gave 98 invigorating talks in 2012, 164 in 2013 and has already given 172 inspiring presentations ever since the year begun (January to November 11, 2014). Follow Samuel A. Bakutana on: Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Samuel-A-Bakutana-Leadership-Expert-Motivational-Speaker-and-Author/563444270356475), Twitter (https://twitter.com/amutusam), LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=250332707&trk=nav_responsive_tab_profile_pic), Skillpages (http://www.skillpages.com/samuel-a.bakutana) or blog (www.excellentleading.wordpress.com). To book him for your next event, send an email now to amutusam@yahoo.com or call +256782163416 for immediate feedback. You are blessed beyond measure; so fly like an eagle!


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