Leaders in Life Dream Big!

Will you bring out the best of you or die average? Will you dream big – just like leaders in every endeavour? There is something better than “three keys” – a key for the car, a key for the office, and a key for the personal house! There is more to life than a vacation, a debt-free retirement, or an army of grand children. There is more to life!

Big dreams-1b44003c0ebf766802ef8ca10f948c43.jpgTo Dream Or To Have A Dream? I meet dreamless people in my travels in different countries! But also, we often confuse mere dreamers and people with dreams! Dreamers talk much and do less; those with dreams may talk less but do much. Dreamers shout thunderously and hit an ant! They hatch up earth-shaking plans but act on none. In contrast, people with dreams may say nothing or say something without fanfare but if you observe, you see their dreams strongly in motion, affecting those around them.

Understanding Your Dream: A dream is a powerful force. I have often referred to a dream as three things:

  • A treasure you shouldn’t lose
  • A test you shouldn’t fail
  • A trust you shouldn’t betray

Great men are stirred up by their dreams. Martin Luther died because of his dream. Mother Teresa is known for her dream. I am daily stirred up by my Vision Plan 2050 – a simple yet inspiring embodiment of sweet dreams in my heart. I take the dream seriously and ignore discouragers. But every day, I wake up and go out to make it happen.

your dream - Les Brown.pngYour Dream is Your Life: A dream lost is destiny foregone. Losing the dream in your relationship is losing the relationship itself. Lose your business dream, and your business is lost. Lose faith in your country, and you have lost the country! Lose your marriage dream, and your marriage is gone! Your dream is your life. It is God’s deposit of greatness, service and a huge difference inside you!

So, be purpose-filled, dream-obsessed, and vision-consumed. Don’t ask people to wish you a good night. Instead, look back every evening and see a day well invested into your dream. George H. Lorimer said, “You have got to get up every morning with determination if you are going to go to bed with satisfaction.” Invest your days into your dreams.

follow-your-dreams.jpgBelieve Your Mind, Not Your Eyes! I too have a dream. I don’t consult my eyes. What I look at is what is but what I see in my mind is what could be. I go for what I see with my eyes closed. Today’s circumstances make me want to lose energy, dampen my spirit, and lose my courage for the pursuit. But I stubbornly insist on my dream. I ignore the voluntary discouragers who demand no payment for pouring ice on my dream!

So, carry on, like Robert Service says. If you are to live, live for something big. Give up who you are today and go for who you could be. To lead, get dreams big enough to shake mountains, pull Heaven and change Earth. Act on them now. Every day, look back to a day well invested into your dream. Remember, today is the remaining day of your life; tomorrow may never be yours. Invest it in your dream today. Don’t settle for second best today. This is my story. This is my song. This is my belief. Why don’t you join in the orchestra, and let us harmonize life beautifully?

I hope you have already secured your copies of my latest book “YOU WILL MANAGE: The 7 Keys to a Life of Perpetual Victory, Unstoppable Success and Doing Impossibilities.”


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Samuel A. Bakutana is Africa’s foremost Leadership, Business and Education Consultant; Inspirational Key-note Speaker; and Personal Development Author of 10 books (the 11th comes out this month). As a regular Inspirational Keynote Public Speaker on national and international platforms, he delivered 98 electrifying talks in 2012, 164 in 2013, 191 in 2014, 171 in 2015, and he already given more than 182 inspirational, high-impact presentations in 2016 to a diversity of result-oriented audiences in public and private sectors – e.g. faith centres, education institutions, government, multi-national NGOs, etc!???????????????????????????????????? Follow Samuel A. Bakutana on:Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/amutusam) , Twitter (https://www.twitter.com/SamuelBakutana), LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/in/samuel-a-bakutana-56ba046b?trk=hp-identity-name), Skillpages (http://www.skillpages.com/samuel-a.bakutana) or blog (www.excellentleading.wordpress.com). To book him for your next event, send an email now to deltacu11@gmail.com or call +256782163416 for immediate feedback. You are blessed beyond measure; so fly like an eagle!


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