Beyond The Common

What makes one a “commoner”? Isn’t it thinking in common terms? Dressing in a common way? Talking in a common style? Living as any other person? Doing what all others have done in the past? Walking at the same pace as the rest of the human beings?

What makes one outstanding then? Isn’t it standing out of the crowd, being unique? Thinking beyond what is obvious. Dressing beyond what society has labelled “fashionable” to what conscience has universally tagged “Smart, Appropriate, and Decent.” Talking when it is necessary, not just to talk but with a goal in mind. Living beyond the ‘normal’ and/or simply comfortable life such as others do that is, going an extra mile in all that life presents to you to do. Doing what others have labelled “Impossible” in the past, and setting a new trend in possibility living.

1-If you don't go after your dreams...

Life within the common arena of thought, word, and deed is not a life that highly reward the one living it nor those around him/her, but most especially, his/her Creator who endowed him/her with both internal and external abilities beyond a human mind’s imagination!

Life beyond the common is the one that is bound to make those discoveries that are still concealed by human nature’s shortsighted modus operandi. It is the one that surprises the world with achievements that should otherwise be common occurrence if all human beings decided to step out of the boat into the water. It is the one that triggers huge internal motivational forces that surpass average human efforts, and thus carry out what the rest of the world has called “Not Possible.” It is the life that refuses to listen to the most voices that scream discouragement and ridicule in the ears of change and innovation. It’s the very kind that doesn’t fear to dive into small, medium, and heavy risks once the reward ahead is worth the risk.

Nothing is terminal; everything is transitional

And that life – – – Beyond The Obvious – – – is the one that a miserably small percentage of the people on earth and I have decided to live!



2 responses

  1. I am greatly uplifted by your inspiring messages God richly bless and up hold you….


    1. Oh thank you Brian for your uplifting message too! Happy new year. May you always return to this wall and we share more for mutual encouragement for personal and professional development as we make a difference in our world.


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