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Today morning, Christine my dear friend and fellow leader, posted on a platform we both fondly belong to, saying:

“Good morning friends. We give thanks to God for the gift of another day and brethren who freely give of what [He has] endowed them with.”

That last statement caught my attention: “…and brethren who freely give of what [He has] endowed them with.” This was in reference to a number of members on the platform who daily share a lot of positive messages, make informed discussions and offer great wisdom.

Today, choose to be that person who understands the following in general (plus the examples in practice after these points below):

  • Blessings multiply when shared, not hoarded or hidden.
  • You can’t give a smile while frowning. The more you choose to give someone a smile, the more you send away an angry face from your own.

  • You can’t hug someone from a distance. When you hug, you are hugged… and a hug brings you closer to someone in many ways.

  • You don’t spray some perfume on others without getting some drops on yourself.

  • The very way we have consequences for doing wrong, is the very way there are consequences for doing right. Do right, give, help – and leave your gain to be taken care of by consequences! (My dear friend Lady Precious rightly suggests I use the word “rewards” instead of “consequences”. Next time I will!)

In practice, therefore:
🍏 Whenever you join a group, club or association, focus on what you’re going to contribute there. Leave what you’re likely to receive to consequences of your contribution.
🍏 For a marriage to work, focus on how you can make every day a phenomenal experience for your spouse, and leave the rest to consequences!
🍏 In a business you’ve established, put emphasis on how to serve the customer to the best of your ability, exceeding their expectations, and let consequences bring repeat customers, earn you referrals and beautify your income statement!
🍏 When you choose to belong to that Worship Team at your local church, remember to focus on the value, service and exquisiteness you’re bringing to the ministry, and let the God you serve excellently manufacture the consequences!

🍏 As a citizen of your country, don’t stop at asking your leaders what they’re doing for you. While leaders have responsibilities, other citizens who follow do have obligations too. Focus on doing your part of the bargain and surely, there will be positive consequences for you.

In conclusion:
🔹 Elevate your passion for giving above your hunger for getting.
🔹 Blessings multiply when shared, not hidden.
🔹 You can’t give a smile while frowning.
🔹 When you give a hug, you are receiving one.
🔹 When you spray some perfume on others, you get some drops on yourself.
🔹 So do right, and leave your gain to be taken care of by consequences! (Oh, rewards!)
🔹Givers are getters by natural consequence.

Even for reading this message this far (or forwarding it to as many people in your contacts as possible), there are consequences! 😄

Live. Love. Lead.


Samuel A. Bakutana
Chief Executive Officer

Inspired Leaders International
Twitter: @SamuelBakutana / @InspiredLead

Empowered Leaders, Transformed Nations.


What do YOU #Believe? Here’s mine. – Samuel A. #Bakutana


I strongly believe I am more than capable of causing exponential, positive change wherever I find a fitting platform, helping many to breakthrough in life — the only reason why I believe in others, often reminding them thus: #YouWillManage!


I do believe I can unstoppably germinate in whichever soil I land on – be it rocky or loam. I truly believe, just like an eagle, that I can always successfully soar above the storms of my life regardless of the at times tough turbulence along the flight.


I undoubtedly believe I am being very useful to this earth, udeniably beneficial to my country, and progressively profitable to my family. I, without debate, believe I am an intelligent, handsome, sociable, inspiring, multi-gifted, loving, empathetic, principled, bold, multi-skilled, observant, and visionary results producer.


I believe I am intentionally touching many lives of young adults, deliberately making a focused difference among thousands of leaders, and affecting the affairs of millions of professionals on my continent… and beyond. I believe I can excel in my work, be exceptional in my faith, and produce outstanding results in my treasured relationships!


I believe I am the most effective leadership consultant, the best organizational trainer, and the most practical inspirational speaker from East Africa alive today. I believe I can make very many mistakes and learn many lessons from them; I can fail several times and succeed from it all; and I have the ability to fall many times but rise up more times each time!

Samuel-Do not give up.png

I do really believe I was born at the very right time, in exactly the right country, to do the right work of my life: this blood-warming work of empowering and inspiring leaders through training and resource development for personal, institutional and social transformation. I believe I have the hard but possible task of living an exemplary life, the responsibility of loving people authentically and the noble duty of leading myself and others relationally!

[Live. Love. Lead.]


I believe this year is going to be ridiculously amazing, next year is going to be exquisitely productive, and the year that follows is going to be exceptionally profitable. I believe I add a lot of unrivalled value in the lives of those in my life, a friend worth keeping for those I choose to be friends to, remaining humble as I grow stronger at all fronts.

cpspm17 (741).jpg

I believe I am a believer: a thinking believer in commonsense, a fruitful believer in relationships, a repentant believer in Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Yes. I believe I can be (and I going to be known by the end of my life as) a very loving husband, a responsible dad, and an influential citizen.


I believe. I believe. I believe.

Samuel A. Bakutana
Chief Executive Officer,
Inspired Leaders International
P.O. Box 12844, Kampala
Twitter: @SamuelBakutana / @InspiredLead

10 #Mentoring QuestionsEveryone Needs to Answer – #Bakutana

Today I read a piece in which a mentor and mentee had an encouraging conversation. I felt compelled to ask you some 10 simple but serious questions:


1. UNDERSTANDING: Do you know the difference between a mentor, coach, trainer, counsellor, teacher and consultant? Or do you just throw around any “title” / label of your choice to whoever you choose?

2. YIELDING: Do YOU as an individual have a MENTOR in YOUR life to whom you yield or you glide through life by trial-and-error?

3. PURSUIT: Do you truly seek out and hungrily pursue your mentor or he/she has to do this instead as if he/she is forcing himself/herself onto you?


4. TEACHABILITY: Do you have a teachable heart and an open mind that would humbly allow you to learn from your mentor or all you do is trying to either impress or prove to him/her that you are “equally smart”?

5. OPENNESS: Do you honestly and frequently open up to your mentor so that yours can be an authentic, real and friendly relationship or you’re a specialist in masking your life, pretending about many things in your life, and hiding life’s struggles from him/her?


6. LOYALTY: Do you obey your mentor in all right things and follow through the “steps” or assignments he/she may give you or when you leave his/her presence, life remains as usual until the next “cosmetic, directionless meeting”?

7. INTENTION: Do you have the right, godly and genuine intentions of being mentored to another level of personal growth or you only want to be associated with him/her name just for selfish, prestige issues? You hear someone proudly asking, “Oh you didn’t know that H.E. The President is my mentor? Well, he is!” Okay, so what? What’s your intention?


8. SYMBIOSIS: Do you also find as many creative ways as possible to be helpful to your mentor in simple ways, as a simple indication that you treasure the relationship? For example do you pray for him/her?

9. GRATITUDE: Do you ever directly appreciate your mentor so that he/she inwardly gets to know that you’re thankful for him/her sharing his/her wisdom, giving you access to his/her precious time, and being generous with his/her other tangible and intangible resources?


10. REPRODUCTION: Are you also investing in other people as a mentored mentor so that as you grow, you also keep helping others to grow? Or all you’re interested in is your own progress? Are there others who look up to you and can call you their mentor?

VUCA Manage Lead (2).jpg

I wouldn’t mind getting your answers to the above via whatsapp number +256782163416 or Twitter handle: @SamuelBakutana / @InspiredLead. Kindly forwarding this now to all your wished-well contacts and letting them equally think through this reflection is a mark of honour. My friend Barbara Katende says, “If you’re on earth and have no coach, you’ve already failed.” Well, I add: if you’re reading this and you can’t point to someone’s mentorship in your life at present, you’ve already hindered the maximization of your full potential. Over to you now!

Live. Love. Lead.


Samuel A. Bakutana
Chief Executive Officer
Inspired Leaders International

Telephone: +256782163416

Twitter: @SamuelBakutana / @InspiredLead

“Empowered Leaders, Transformed Nations.”

Leaders Should Live Like The Citizens

If there is something that disturbs an observant being is seeing a leader who is totally different from the people he leads in a sense that he appears to be from planet mars or Venus while those he leads are earth trotting ordinary beings. The only allowable difference should be in terms of thinking more positively, acting more resolutely, planning more strategically, serving more relentlessly and living more exemplary.

If a leader is that detached from the people he leads, he will surely find out quite late that he committed slow but sure suicide.

My article that was published in the New Vision Newspaper in 2011 brings back these thoughts to us today. Click here ( and have your food for thought today. Comment as you will.

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The author is Africa’s foremost leadership expert, motivational key-note speaker and personal development author of 7 published books who has already given 147 inspiring presentations ever since the year begun (January to November 2013). Follow Samuel A. Bakutana on Facebook (, Twitter and LinkedIn. To book him for your next invent, send an email now to or call +256782163416

Plant Seeds of Integrity and Responsibility

Today, most of us are a result of our actions and choices yesterday. Tomorrow, our life will be a result of today’ actions and choices.

In fact, the sum total of our choices and actions may – if not SHALL – go after our offspring and affect them immensely.

And so, if there is something a leader – and anyone who may not put a leadership tag on themselves – must really think about and do is to plant the seeds of integrity and responsibility TODAY.

Take a look at my lead article that came out in the New Vision Newspaper on December 18, 2013 about this vital issue:

May the New Year be a glorious one for you as you plant the right seeds so as to harvest the right fruits.

To your success.

The author is Africa’s foremost leadership expert, motivational key-note speaker and personal development author of 7 published books who has already given 147 inspiring presentations ever since the year begun (January to November 2013). Follow Samuel A. Bakutana on Facebook (, Twitter and LinkedIn. To book him for your next invent, send an email now to or call +256782163416


You wish to have people in your life that you can rely on. But are you such a person on whom others can rely? You wish to work with people who are trustworthy. But can you too be trusted? Do you have integrity in your life?

To have INTEGRITY means:

  • You’re whole and undivided in values and conduct.
  • Your outside matches the inside.
  • Your actions complete your words.
  • There’s no double-mindedness or duplicity in your character.
  • You do the right thing because you know it’s right.
  • You do the right thing regardless of personal cost involved.
  • You do the right thing even when it is beneficial to compromise.
  • You do the right thing regardless of what others are doing.
  • You act the same, from one situation to another.
  • You’ve integrated your life around a set of principles.
  • The way you are in church is the way you’re at work, at home or when you’re alone.
  • You’re honest and an accountable stewards.

Whenever we talk of Financial crisis, Leadership crisis, Political instability, moral decadence, Weak institutions, etc, I believe that we are actually talking about INTEGRITY crisis.

A life of integrity is the way to go. “The man of integrity walks securely, but he who takes crooked paths will be found out” – Proverbs 19:9. “Whoever walks in integrity will be delivered, but he who is crooked in his ways will suddenly fall” – Proverbs 28:18 (ESV).

Be a leader credited for a life of INTEGRITY.

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