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I’ve been quoting a number of authors and books before. In this delicious piece, I will quote the Book of Daniel which is found in the Bible – the Holy Book for Christians.

As a man of faith, I’ve been praying that I receive a deeper ability to solve difficult problems. I couldn’t quickly find a better example of someone with this ability than Mr. Daniel Belteshazzar – one of those great governors in ancient Babylon. Below is the king’s address to Daniel in the Book of Daniel 5:13-16.

“So you are Daniel, one of the Judean exiles whom my grandfather the king brought from Judah! I’ve heard about you, that a spirit of the gods is in you and that you have insight, discernment, and extraordinary wisdom. Take note that the advisors and enchanters were brought before me to read the writing and explain its meaning, but they were unable to do so. However, I’ve heard that you can provide meaning and interpretation, and that you can solve difficult problems. If you are able to read the writing and report its meaning, you will be clothed in purple, have a gold chain placed around your neck, and you will become the third highest ruler in the kingdom.” (Daniel 5:13-16)

Did you hear that, O inspired leader? Did you know, by the way, that:

  1. This was after a referral (word-of-mouth recommendation) from the queen herself in verses 10-12
  2. His name came up after all other potential problem solvers had even failed to do anything about the challenge at hand as in verses 5-9?
  3. This problem had been created by this national leader (the king) himself as seen in verses 1-4?

Someone here needs to join me in once again looking at the qualities that Daniel had and then make a plan of action to pull up our socks, try to measure up and put our act together:

  • Filled by the Spirit of Go
  • Having insight
  • Rich in discernment
  • Possessing extraordinary wisdom
  • Ability to provide meaning and interpretation
  • Capability to solve difficult problems.

Friend, realize that the promised remuneration was:

  • Being clothed in purple,
  • Receiving a gold chain placed around the neck,
  • Elevation to being “the third highest ruler in the kingdom.”

Ha! You can’t believe Daniel’s response:

Let your gifts and rewards be given to someone else. However, I’ll read the writing for the king and tell him the meaning.” (verse 17).

And the amazing story continues… But now let’s have a little flashback to know how Daniel came to be put in such a place when he was a foreigner in exile, far away from home: When an advert was put out there for people to work in State House, the minimum requirements were as follows (Daniel 1:4):

  • Young men without physical defect
  • Handsome in appearance
  • Skilled in all wisdom
  • Quick to learn
  • Prudent in how they used knowledge
  • Capable of serving in the king’s palace
  • Able to learn literature and language

Daniel met all these requirements – and was hired! Would YOU? Remember, dear leaders, that this was also accompanied by a highly revealing decision: “Daniel determined within himself not to defile himself…” (verse 8).

The result of this was that “God granted Daniel grace and compassion…” (verse 9). Not only that but also “…knowledge, aptitude for learning, and wisdom. Daniel also could understand all kinds of visions and dreams.” (Verse 17). We are told that after the probation period, “in every matter of wisdom or understanding that the king discussed with [him], he found [Daniel] ten times better than all… in his entire palace” (verse 20)! Who doesn’t want that? Give a handclap to Hon. Daniel! No wonder, later, the king could declare to Daniel,

“Truly, your God is the God of gods, the Lord of kings, and the Revealer of secrets, because you were able to reveal this mystery” (2:47).

But wait a minute! Verse 48 says, “Then the king promoted Daniel to a high position and lavished many great gifts on him, including making him ruler over the entire province of Babylon and chief administrator over the advisors of Babylon.” Wow! That sounds like State House’s Chief of Staff! Promotion comes from diligent work, excellence and solving difficult problems.

Don’t rush to leave before you realize that he then “requested that the king appoint” his other 3 godly friends as “administrators over the province of Babylon, while Daniel himself remained in the royal court” (verse 49). He remembered to pull/lift up some like-minded comrades around him.

He didn’t just celebrate his personal rise but ensured he had the right team to work with! How are you doing in this area at your current level? No wonder those 3 boys proved solid even when they were thrown in fire in chapter 3 for their insistence on serving the right, One true God! This forced the President to write a national memo to all districts about the God of Daniel (chapter 4:1—). Now, that’s high level influence.

It was after all this that later he was labelled by the new king as a man who could SOLVE DIFFICULT PROBLEMS in chapter 5:16. The critical question is: What’s your resolution / action points after reading all this?

Please leave your comments below this article.

Live. Love. Lead.


Samuel A. Bakutana is the Chief Executive Officer at Inspired Leaders International. His telephone is: +256782163416 and you can interact with him via Twitter: @SamuelBakutana / @InspiredLead


10 #Mentoring QuestionsEveryone Needs to Answer – #Bakutana

Today I read a piece in which a mentor and mentee had an encouraging conversation. I felt compelled to ask you some 10 simple but serious questions:


1. UNDERSTANDING: Do you know the difference between a mentor, coach, trainer, counsellor, teacher and consultant? Or do you just throw around any “title” / label of your choice to whoever you choose?

2. YIELDING: Do YOU as an individual have a MENTOR in YOUR life to whom you yield or you glide through life by trial-and-error?

3. PURSUIT: Do you truly seek out and hungrily pursue your mentor or he/she has to do this instead as if he/she is forcing himself/herself onto you?


4. TEACHABILITY: Do you have a teachable heart and an open mind that would humbly allow you to learn from your mentor or all you do is trying to either impress or prove to him/her that you are “equally smart”?

5. OPENNESS: Do you honestly and frequently open up to your mentor so that yours can be an authentic, real and friendly relationship or you’re a specialist in masking your life, pretending about many things in your life, and hiding life’s struggles from him/her?


6. LOYALTY: Do you obey your mentor in all right things and follow through the “steps” or assignments he/she may give you or when you leave his/her presence, life remains as usual until the next “cosmetic, directionless meeting”?

7. INTENTION: Do you have the right, godly and genuine intentions of being mentored to another level of personal growth or you only want to be associated with him/her name just for selfish, prestige issues? You hear someone proudly asking, “Oh you didn’t know that H.E. The President is my mentor? Well, he is!” Okay, so what? What’s your intention?


8. SYMBIOSIS: Do you also find as many creative ways as possible to be helpful to your mentor in simple ways, as a simple indication that you treasure the relationship? For example do you pray for him/her?

9. GRATITUDE: Do you ever directly appreciate your mentor so that he/she inwardly gets to know that you’re thankful for him/her sharing his/her wisdom, giving you access to his/her precious time, and being generous with his/her other tangible and intangible resources?


10. REPRODUCTION: Are you also investing in other people as a mentored mentor so that as you grow, you also keep helping others to grow? Or all you’re interested in is your own progress? Are there others who look up to you and can call you their mentor?

VUCA Manage Lead (2).jpg

I wouldn’t mind getting your answers to the above via whatsapp number +256782163416 or Twitter handle: @SamuelBakutana / @InspiredLead. Kindly forwarding this now to all your wished-well contacts and letting them equally think through this reflection is a mark of honour. My friend Barbara Katende says, “If you’re on earth and have no coach, you’ve already failed.” Well, I add: if you’re reading this and you can’t point to someone’s mentorship in your life at present, you’ve already hindered the maximization of your full potential. Over to you now!

Live. Love. Lead.


Samuel A. Bakutana
Chief Executive Officer
Inspired Leaders International

Telephone: +256782163416

Twitter: @SamuelBakutana / @InspiredLead

“Empowered Leaders, Transformed Nations.”

Address Their NEED or You will be addressed as a WEED!

Leadership has never been a bed of roses but always a bunch of responsibilities. One such obligation is to keep the ear on ground and address yourself to the needs of those you claim to lead – not by giving lip-service but implementing strategic policies, transformational programs and enduring processes that relevantly speak to the daily welfare of the people being led.

Today I watched on TV the leader of a Teachers’ Service Commission of a certain African country being heckled during an Annual Delegates Conference of their National Union of Teachers. Amidst very uncooperative storms of noise, he kept on begging, “Listen; give me time. Please let me finish.” Good enough, after about 15 minutes of braving through his speech, the mammoth crowd brought the shouting a bit low and gave him some audience especially when he started addressing issues that their General Secretary had highlighted as important to them, threatening industrial action in the next three weeks.

Teachers Service Commission

Running into the risk of sounding judgmental, I learnt this one lesson:

“If any leader abuses the privilege of responsibility by deciding to treat the REAL NEEDS of the people with a deaf ear, he risks losing relevance, being denied their cooperation, and gaining their intolerance, for no man learns if he refuses to listen. Life without ears is the surest recipe for suicide.” – Samuel A. Bakutana

Fellow leader, you better address their NEED or you will be addressed as a WEED in the garden of their life and welfare. I welcome and deeply appreciate your comments to this stand, just in the “comments” section below this post.

To your success,

“Inspiring transformational, exemplary and authentic leadership worldwide.”

Samuel A. Bakutana is Africa’s foremost Leadership, Business and Education Consultant; Motivational Key-note Speaker; and Personal Development Author of 8 books. He gave 98 invigorating talks in 2012, 164 in 2013 and has already given 182 inspiring presentations ever since the year begun (January to December 8, 2014). Follow Samuel A. Bakutana on: Facebook (, Twitter (, LinkedIn (, Skillpages ( or blog ( To book him for your next event, send an email now to or call +256782163416 for immediate feedback. You are blessed beyond measure; so fly like an eagle!

Leaders Should Live Like The Citizens

If there is something that disturbs an observant being is seeing a leader who is totally different from the people he leads in a sense that he appears to be from planet mars or Venus while those he leads are earth trotting ordinary beings. The only allowable difference should be in terms of thinking more positively, acting more resolutely, planning more strategically, serving more relentlessly and living more exemplary.

If a leader is that detached from the people he leads, he will surely find out quite late that he committed slow but sure suicide.

My article that was published in the New Vision Newspaper in 2011 brings back these thoughts to us today. Click here ( and have your food for thought today. Comment as you will.

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The author is Africa’s foremost leadership expert, motivational key-note speaker and personal development author of 7 published books who has already given 147 inspiring presentations ever since the year begun (January to November 2013). Follow Samuel A. Bakutana on Facebook (, Twitter and LinkedIn. To book him for your next invent, send an email now to or call +256782163416

Plant Seeds of Integrity and Responsibility

Today, most of us are a result of our actions and choices yesterday. Tomorrow, our life will be a result of today’ actions and choices.

In fact, the sum total of our choices and actions may – if not SHALL – go after our offspring and affect them immensely.

And so, if there is something a leader – and anyone who may not put a leadership tag on themselves – must really think about and do is to plant the seeds of integrity and responsibility TODAY.

Take a look at my lead article that came out in the New Vision Newspaper on December 18, 2013 about this vital issue:

May the New Year be a glorious one for you as you plant the right seeds so as to harvest the right fruits.

To your success.

The author is Africa’s foremost leadership expert, motivational key-note speaker and personal development author of 7 published books who has already given 147 inspiring presentations ever since the year begun (January to November 2013). Follow Samuel A. Bakutana on Facebook (, Twitter and LinkedIn. To book him for your next invent, send an email now to or call +256782163416


You wish to have people in your life that you can rely on. But are you such a person on whom others can rely? You wish to work with people who are trustworthy. But can you too be trusted? Do you have integrity in your life?

To have INTEGRITY means:

  • You’re whole and undivided in values and conduct.
  • Your outside matches the inside.
  • Your actions complete your words.
  • There’s no double-mindedness or duplicity in your character.
  • You do the right thing because you know it’s right.
  • You do the right thing regardless of personal cost involved.
  • You do the right thing even when it is beneficial to compromise.
  • You do the right thing regardless of what others are doing.
  • You act the same, from one situation to another.
  • You’ve integrated your life around a set of principles.
  • The way you are in church is the way you’re at work, at home or when you’re alone.
  • You’re honest and an accountable stewards.

Whenever we talk of Financial crisis, Leadership crisis, Political instability, moral decadence, Weak institutions, etc, I believe that we are actually talking about INTEGRITY crisis.

A life of integrity is the way to go. “The man of integrity walks securely, but he who takes crooked paths will be found out” – Proverbs 19:9. “Whoever walks in integrity will be delivered, but he who is crooked in his ways will suddenly fall” – Proverbs 28:18 (ESV).

Be a leader credited for a life of INTEGRITY.

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